WIP Day Lily – Starting another one!

Started adding some of the background with sap, quin red and quin gold. Also added some quin gold in the center. Kind of slow and boring right now cant wait to get to the good part, stay tuned I will be posting more soon.

Did a wash of Transparent yellow.

Drew out the lily and masked off the center.

This one is a beautiful red/maroon and yellow day lily. Hopefully I can get this one done up fairly quickly! I am going to Kingsbrae Gardens tomorrow and I know I will have so many photos of other inspiring flowers to paint. (can’t wait!)

7 thoughts on “WIP Day Lily – Starting another one!”

  1. Thank you F.M.Marrouch, I am definitely a tireless painter, I wish there were more hours in a day! Thank you for the wonderful compliments

    Lee Beth thank you for stopping in nice to see you. Have a Great Day!

  2. You're like a machine, often I say that the secret for painting well is to work and work again, you are a tireless worker, and it is why you paint like the angels.

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