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Learn How to Paint with Watercolor!

how to paint with watercolor

Studio Insiders

“Take a class given by Krista Hasson. You will learn so much that you will be painting on your own faster than with other instructors. Her demos are clear and comprehensive. You can tell she really wants to help her students learn or go to the next step in watercolor.”

Cherry Hall

Collect the joy of art with original paintings!

“Krista Hasson’s website accurately portrays her beautiful art. I recently purchased ‘Orange Grove’ directly from the images on her website. When the art arrived, I was thrilled!

Bill Bolstad

Not sure where to start or What You Really Need to Get Started?


Essential Watercolor Supplies for Beginners

This free training will teach you the supplies you need to get good results when learning how to paint.


This was the best laid out program I have seen. Krista’s instruction was simple and to the point there was no fluff or useless chatter, making it easy to follow along while painting. The videos focused in on the painting. I could see everything she was doing. Krista was even available through email for help. I highly recommend it.”

Gayle Capson

“Krista is a wonderful teacher and takes a genuine interest in her students and their work. In her Master Watercolor Essentials course, she provides templates if you can’t draw, but also encourages her students to draw on their own. I like the way she has planned the videos and they are encouraging. She explains how to mix colors and the paint to water ratios that new artists find so difficult to master. “

Mary Worth