Nature’s Essence Collection

Watercolor Batik paintings on rice paper

inspired by the beauty of nature.

Thick brushstrokes and vibrant juicy oil paint, painted from a place of pure joy.

Daily Oil Paintings. Small gems that bring joy and beauty to your home.

Experience the Joy of Art

“Krista Hasson’s website accurately portrays her beautiful art. I recently purchased ‘Orange Grove’ directly from the images on her website. When the art arrived, I was thrilled!”

Bill Bolstad

Watercolor batik framed krista hasson

Nature’s Essence Collection

Watercolor batik paintings inspired by the beautiful scenery around New Brunswick


Not sure what you need to get started with watercolor?

Essential Watercolor Supplies for Beginners!

Learn the supplies you need to get started, which one is the most important and the best place to get them!  13 page PDF guide.

Essential watercolor supplies Beginner