WIP Pink Day Lily Finished!

OK so here is what i am talking about it is 3:30 am, I was sound asleep and this lily was calling my name, finally I got out of bed and finished it.
I used more perm rose and perm + ultra blue for shadows. I used hansa yellow for center, used hansa and quin red + perm rose for the filament.
I hope it still looks good in the morning, as I finished it half asleep with no glasses on lol. Hope you all have a good nights sleep.

28 thoughts on “WIP Pink Day Lily Finished!”

  1. Wonderful, you are a master painting flowers, everyone is better than the previous one, I love the background, the contrast makes the flower powerful.Thank you to explain how you do it.

  2. Thank you so much Sandeep, Liz and Dors. I have always loved my garden, other peoples gardens any gardens lol, but I had never painted flowers. Then one day I decided to paint one and that was it I loved it (I am obsessed. I am already working on another lily. I will try to post some of it later today 🙂

  3. Lovely job Krista. We should always paint when we get that urge. so worth while you getting up. it's just perfect.

  4. lol, I got into bed afterwards and worried I would wake up and have to fix it. When I got up and put my glasses on it was still OK thank goodness.
    Thank you Gary for taking your time to stop in!

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