Rice Paper Landscapes – Watercolor Paintings

St. Martins Caves 16×20″
Watercolor on Rice Paper by Krista Hasson
Winter Shadows 12×20″
Watercolor on Rice Paper by Krista Hasson 

Hopewell Rocks, NB 12×16″
Watercolor on Rice Paper by Krista Hasson

These are 3 more that are from my current show, as are the ones in the 2 posts before this. This is all I will post from the show, I have posted a few before. Thanks for taking the time to look and comment, I greatly appreciate it. I am working on 5 move right now that will be done soon, I will post some as I get them finished.

10 thoughts on “Rice Paper Landscapes – Watercolor Paintings”

  1. I was sure I had commented on these, Krista! Old age I looked hard and long but forgot to write.

    I do so love your style and these pictures continue to mesmerise me. If I were to paint then ….. but I said it before :0)

    Can't remember when the show is, but good luck with it.

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