Just Removed the Wax off of 5 more Watercolor Landscape Paintings

So this is what happens after I remove the wax, I attach them to a board so I can set them in my front room. I will look at these for a few days, figuring out what I want to change or touch up (or not) then I will adjust, and go through the process again. When I am completely done I will take individual pictures and post them. Have a great night everyone!

12 thoughts on “Just Removed the Wax off of 5 more Watercolor Landscape Paintings”

  1. These are fabulous! The landscapes lend themselves well to this technique. Batik painting is always so interesting, the whole process is fascinating and that final removal of wax always exciting.

  2. WOW don't they all look great sitting there. Love them all.
    I have done watercolor painting but I am going to show my ignorance here a little. I have never heard of removing wax from them. I will do a search LOL. We can always learn more each day. 😉

    Great work Krista.

  3. Thanks John. I know, even though you can tell the size, it really means nothing unless you can see it in real life or next to something to give you the whole impact of the size.

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