Spring Thaw – Birch Tree Painting Watercolor on Rice Paper

Spring Thaw 14×20″
Watercolor on Rice Paper by Krista Hasson

Here is one of the paintings finished, still working on the other 4. I have been very busy, hoping to get them all finished up soon. This one is 14×20″. The painting is actually a little more saturated in real life. I find that when I post them on blogger it always dulls the color down some.
Hope everyone is having a terrific weekend!

10 thoughts on “Spring Thaw – Birch Tree Painting Watercolor on Rice Paper”

  1. Thank you John. I know it is too bad, I think it is an html thing maybe. When I build galleries for my website the only format that does not change the color and saturation is a flash gallery, but they are useless because they cant be crawled by google or other sites

  2. Thank you Christainne. I have no choice but be productive, I just hung a show with 30 pieces and I have another show in August and then one in 2013. That is why I have been so bad at blogging lately

  3. These recent paintings of yours are really so extraordinary. The textures as well as colors. I can picture them more saturated. I imagine those shadows as quite spectacular.

  4. Krista, even on blogger, the colors are super. I love how the rice paper adds great textures on the birches.
    You have been very productive, turning out one gorgeous painting after another. I wish I had your energy:-)

  5. Yes I've been making the same point on my blog: that my stuff doesn't post on the blog very well (fine lines disappear altogether).

    I love this picture, Kirsta … as usual.

  6. Tout comme vous je ne suis jamais satisfaite du rendu photographique de mes peintures. Toutefois je peux vous dire que celle-ci est superbe et j'aime particulièrement le travail des ombres et des lumières qui l'inonde. Son format est aussi très judicieux.
    Gros bisous

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