Purple Clematis Flowers – Watercolor Painting Finished

Finished this last night. I darkened the background some in spots and I removed the mask from the center of the main flower making sure to keep my biggest contrast here. I added some purple shadows at the base against the yellow for added impact. This painting is 16×20 and it is hard to see the full effect when you make them a smaller size for the internet. Once I have it framed I will take a picture of it hanging and post it to give you an idea of the full effect. Thanks for looking. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

12 thoughts on “Purple Clematis Flowers – Watercolor Painting Finished”

  1. Thank you Christiane, Carol, Anniedote, Carl, Martinealison, Davida, and Balaji. I used a limited palette for this painting of Phthalo Blue, Gamboge and Permanent Alizarin.

  2. I recently got my first computer and am overjoyed to find these artists blogs and see the painting progress. I want to try some acrylics and am still playing with watercolors. Your watercolors are loose and rich the way I like them. Keep posting and identify your colors now and then if you don't mind.

  3. I have been watching the progress on this painting. Clematis are gorgeous climbers! This came out great. The color is very intense. It looks like you have been using quinacridones. Very nice.

  4. So beautiful, Krista. I look forward to seeing it framed, too.
    Carol Blackburn

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