Sunflowers full Sheet Watercolor Painting Step by Step

This is a watercolor painting I have started for my show, it is a full sheet of 200 pound cold press. I am quite excited to do one this big I normally do not paint this large. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “Sunflowers full Sheet Watercolor Painting Step by Step”

  1. Thank you Jeannette. I normally do not paint much larger that 16×20, but I have to say I am really enjoying the large scale and the wow factor id much bigger : )

  2. I work on 3300 or even 400 pound cold press. As soon as I started working big I realized that maybe, just maybe, I could paint. I'm a "baby" at doing it but love it. And I learn a lot from watching progress of accomplished artists like you.

    What a great way to do Thanksgiving! I worked backwards in seeing your progress… then forward again.. Kind of like my brain, I guess, as a writer.

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