WIP Rosie the Springer Update 2

Started to define the eyes and mouth more. Added more Ultra blue and B. Sienna in shadows on fur and light wash on the main part of ears (darker mixture for underneath of ears).
Added some ultra blue on the chest and nose, added burnt sienna and ultra blue on fur and eyes.

8 thoughts on “WIP Rosie the Springer Update 2”

  1. je je …. as we have, in a session is more magnificent, but of course, you are the artist and you can decide the remaining sessions to complete.
    It is becoming very well.
    I hope the outcome with interest ….
    Thanks for your Art!


  2. It is amazing the difference each layer makes, sometimes you get to that spot where you wonder, and then it just takes one more and you are like ok this is going to work lol!

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