WIP Day Lily – It’s Finished!

I removed the mask, darkened petals some more and lifted out some highlights, added color to the center with green gold and Indian yellow, used lemon, quin gold and a mixed orange for the filament. I also added a little more quin red + vermilion to the back ground. I am glad to be done, can’t wait to start the next ones, so its off to the drawing board. I hope you have enjoyed this, and I hope everyone has a fantastic night!

Continued with darkening the background some more and adding more layers of quin red and vermilion to the petals

22 thoughts on “WIP Day Lily – It’s Finished!”

  1. Krista, This is so beautiful, as are all your other watercolors. Day Lilies are my grandmother's favorite flower and she has hundreds of varieties. Thanks for the little moment to think about her with your lovely work. And thanks for the visit to my blog.

  2. Thank you so much, Davida, Beverly, Bluesman, Glen, and Vicki, thank you for stopping in and taking the time to comment, your wonderful comments are very encouraging. :)Hope everyone has a wonderful and creative day!

  3. Hi Krista, this flower has a wonderful color and depth, you are a Master in this subject, thanks for the WIP, it is always interesting to see how you are working, and I always learn somethings.

  4. Krista, another beauty and you say I'm inspirational? thank you for sharing your art, your WIP's and all your info. Seeing another artists' work motivates you to want to try harder. We really do bounce off one another.! BJ

  5. grazie per bel commento lasciato sul muo blog, anche se non sono brava come te con l'acquarell, spero di diventarlo con il tempo e lavorando con questa tecnica piu' spesso, ciao a presto luisa

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