Watercolor Painting of Otis the Japanese Dog – Update 1

I worked on the drapery behind him some more and I am starting to work on his body. This is 8×8″ on Canson Arches watercolor board. I might call this one Blue Otis. Maybe I will call the acrylic one Otis Sees Red lol, just a thought. Hope everyone has a great night!

4 thoughts on “Watercolor Painting of Otis the Japanese Dog – Update 1”

  1. love that pose. Makes for a very ionteresting painting. The Red Otis was wonderful and I like the red you have going on the eggs. Great work Krista.

  2. Krista, Otis is indeed quite the character:-) I really like what you are doing here with the background and the additional colors. Thank you again for the tip for the use of the Canson board.

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