Watercolor Painting of Otis the Japanese Dog I am working on

I enjoyed the acrylic of Otis (yes I gave him a name) so much that I decide to set him up with a different background and position. I decide to paint this one in watercolor just because I have missed it and I wanted to give the Canson Artboard another try. I am finding the board an adjustment as it is very absorbent, but that might turn out to work in my favor.  As I mentioned before with the pears I had a problem with it bowing. A rep for the company saw my post and emailed me with a solution, he said to paint an x corner to corner with water on the backside and let it dry… and it worked perfectly…no more bow, it was nice and flat. Thank you Canson 🙂
I am hoping to finish this one up quickly, I will post an update as soon as I can. Thanks

4 thoughts on “Watercolor Painting of Otis the Japanese Dog I am working on”

  1. He has the look my nephew does when his mom or I are trying to explain ANYTHING to him when he wants to play with X Box. Perhaps Otis's mom is lecturing him…

  2. Christiane I would think it best to do it after you are done painting as the water will probably curl it again once you paint on it. Otis is quite the character isn't he lol 🙂

  3. Otis is looking so cute and I like the background. I am not sure what the expression on his face means, though:-) He may be rolling his eyes at the world's foolishness:-)
    Thank you for the tip about the Canson Artboard…did the rep say if it was better to paint that water X before working on it or just at the end…perhaps it does not make a difference…. I have such a Canson board and may now try it. Thank you!

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