Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper – Forest Glow

This is the second watercolor on rice paper I have done. I love the effect you get with the rice paper. There has been a bit of a learning curve, but I can see a lot of potential with this process. I am off to plan my next one!  I will post a picture of my first one once I get a picture.

Close up of the detail of the batik effect on the rice paper.
Thanks for stopping by. Happy Painting!

11 thoughts on “Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper – Forest Glow”

  1. Thank you Alisha, Anamaria, Christiane, Caio, Shelia, Balaji, Dandan and Paula. Painting on the rice paper takes a bit of practice, but I love it. I am currently painting for a solo show coming up soon, but as soon as I have more time I will do a step by step.

  2. Well done, Krista. I am very intrigued by watercolor batik. About two years ago, I went out and bought the rice paper, the wax, the small electric melting pot etc…but everything is still sitting unused in my studio. Perhaps your example will give me the motivation I need to try out this technique.
    I am really looking forward to your next piece.

    I want to wish you and yours all the best for the Holiday Season!

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