Tulips and Crystal Watercolor Painting WIP on Art Board – Update 4

I am still working away on the vase, I think the tulips are just about right, I will continue to work on the crystal, one shape at a time, adding the same colors that I used for the tulips and background  đŸ™‚ I also started a 16×20 white peony today and it was so nice with the sunshine I got to varnish 4 watercolor paintings out on the deck, wow what a difference the varnish makes when using the board.

13 thoughts on “Tulips and Crystal Watercolor Painting WIP on Art Board – Update 4”

  1. Thank you Barbra, Christiane (my white peony is going to be on paper), Barb, Martine,Katiejane (glad you found my blog), eileenr, Carol and Phoenix (I will check it out)

  2. Krista, looking good! as usual your wonderful style coming through.. have a 'cookie' problem with my laptop so not been able to comment..
    will be back to see your finished work.. BJ

  3. Krista, this is going to be one of my favorites. The tulips are so realistic with perfect highlights. The shadows add extra depth and your vase is already beautiful.
    However, I can't wait to see your white peony. This will be on on the board again?

  4. I just recently discovered your blog and I love watching your paintings evolve. I am trying to teach myself this medium and watching how you progress helps me much. Thanks for this. This painting is beautiful.

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