Tulips and Crystal Watercolor Painting WIP on Art Board – Finished!

Just finished this one this morning. It is amazing the color difference when you actually shoot in daylight 🙂 the blue is still a little off, but that’s on my monitor who knows lol I calibrate my monitor with software and hardware and it is still a mystery to me.
It is sunny here today I am hoping that the temperature gets high enough for me to varnish this one today.

21 thoughts on “Tulips and Crystal Watercolor Painting WIP on Art Board – Finished!”

  1. Well, Krista you can sure take a bow with this one .. not an easy one to do but you've it is superfine.. color is good on my monitor also.. BJ

  2. Thank you martinealison, Carol (you are too sweet), John (hope your snow goes soon), Joan, Karen (Golden UVLS spray), Vicki and Pat
    Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!
    Your welcome Christiane for the info 🙂

  3. Formidable ma chère Krista!! Je suis heureuse de voir votre travail achevé.
    Il n'est jamais facile d'obtenir les couleurs juste avec les photos… Mais il est évident que votre oeuvre est splendide.

  4. Thank you Christiane, I did not realize how off the blue was until the painting was finished and I took it down to the office (way off) this one is almost exact (on my monitor) with a board this big i am debating what to support the back with, foam core works good for the smaller ones, or even mat board. I am going to try a cheap canvas(the ones glued to the board) It is acid free and will be firm enough hopefully. I will let you know 🙂

  5. Gorgeous, Krista! The colors look wonderful on my monitor also.
    I am curious how you frame the varnished paintings on board. Do you add a firm backing to ensure that the board does not bow after framing?

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