Robin – Finished

Finished this today, still working on my goat. I find yellows do not translate well with the computer, the fine detail seems to get lost and the different yellows blended together on the beak (looks much better in real life) Hoping to finish the goat up quickly so I can move on to some new paintings i have in mind. Hope everyone has a great day!

18 thoughts on “Robin – Finished”

  1. Hi Krista! I saw a couple of your beautiful paintings on Wet Canvas, and thought i'd stop by to say "hello".

    Your Robin painting is really great. I love painting birds and robins are one of my favorite subjects!

    I've really enjoyed your blog – carolynn

  2. I like the 'work in progress' format or process of posting your lovely paintings. Think I'll give that a try some day. Thanks to you-I found the blog 'Photoshop tips 4 artists' I need that help badly. Thanks.

  3. Perugina, Barbara, Sandeep and Carl thank you for your wonderful comments. Perugina thank you for the tips with the camera, I do use raw but not macro, I will try it and see if it helps 🙂

  4. Krista, I will have to agree with the above post – your work is stunning. I love the soft painting technique you have – it is beautiful and this bird is very well done. Thanks for visiting my blog. Barb

  5. Krista i never tire of seeing your work, so inspiring!
    Your painting looks fine in all of its detail. i try to shoot my paintings (if i can remember) using the RAW and Macro setting/function on the camera – you probably already do this. In speaking with others i have discovered that all computer screens differ anyway, what looks great on your screen may not translate the same on another – so it's a no win.
    Krista, even on my substandard laptop screen – your painting is stunning!

  6. this work is great !
    i liked the way you worked the blue on it .
    i have this problem of to post a painting and the tons don't get exactly the same . or the size don't fit with the picture format …
    but your work gets fine any way .

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