Not Done Yet – Update on my Goat (Dusty)

It is getting to the home stretch, I will remove the masking fluid and start refining the face might neutralize the background a bit, not sure yet I will have to reevaluate it once Dusty is finished. I am also in the process of finding more inspiration so I will have some new paintings to start on right away. Hopefully I will finish today or tomorrow. Thanks for stopping in have a great day!

11 thoughts on “Not Done Yet – Update on my Goat (Dusty)”

  1. Your Robin is remarkable – your goat is great-flowers -fantastic. so much for my rhyming. all kidding aside you know what I think of your work… tried to paint a robin just last week and trashed it.. looked so cut out and pasted on… thanks for encouraging me to do a second blog, its needle work, paper arts, journals, vintage looking dolls.etc. hey we could then share pics of your fabric works.I'm so tech challenged and getting help on starting a 2nd blog, I love applique, quilting, embroidery. I need another whole lifetime. This one is running out fast…

  2. Krista , i liked the bue you have used on this head . it realy fascinates me .
    this is a very good painting .
    when i was looking to my dashboard i saw this picture and thought it was a photography of a goat and got curious -"why would she post a goat ?!!".
    i had to come here to see it was a wonderful painting .
    see you !!! have a great day you too !!

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