Resting Spot WIP Completed

I just finished my little beetle (bug, not sure what type) he is sitting on a lupin leaf enjoying the sun. I glazed over the background and leaves again using ultra blue and a blue green for the leaves (yellow green for front leaves). Finished off the leaves and the beetle and added some cad yellow light on the sunlit areas.

24 thoughts on “Resting Spot WIP Completed”

  1. Very nicely painted, Krista! Wonderful work on the leaves and the brilliant red of the bug(looks like some type of soldier beetle to me, which are one of the 'good guys' in the garden)is like a little added gem.

  2. Thank you Krista for your comment. I in turn came to see yours and find that you are an amazing artist. You are so right about blogging , it really keeps you on your toes and painting more.. I will be following yours and look forward to seeing all your fantastic work. Art Heart

  3. Hi Krista, thanks for the linkup. I can truly say I am very happy to have linked up with a great watercolor artist. That's my next challenge, and I hope I can make my pictures just as vivid as yours! Take care and have a great weekend.

  4. Hello Krista, your watercolors are wonderful! I am so glad to see that you post wip's steps. This is one medium that I just don't know how to work but would love to learn very much. It seems quite difficult to me. I am looking forward to see more of your beautiful work!

  5. Thank you Shelia, I am pleased with this. It is hard to really see sometimes on the computer especially with greens i find, it looks much better in real life!

    Happy Painting!

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