Landscape Watercolor on Rice Paper

This is another Watercolor on rice paper. It is 12×24 and is for my upcoming show at the Imperial. I have done many others, I have been painting like a mad woman lol . Once I am finished all the work for my upcoming show mid march I will have time to post the other paintings. Hope everyone is well and being creative!

16 thoughts on “Landscape Watercolor on Rice Paper”

  1. Thank you Tim, Christiane, Dale, Laurie (this is a texture I add after), Madan, Carl, Jean, Lose, Bruno, Dianna, Alina, Cora, Eve, Barbara, and John.

  2. It is fun to see your variety of techniques and subject matter, using one medium. Good luck with your show in March. I look forward to viewing the other pieces!

  3. Thank You for visiting my blog !
    Just wanted to tell You how much I admire Your watercolors,
    I have tried this medium and I just don't get it :o)
    I know there is one medium for every Artist and mine is acrylic – abstract, but…oh well!
    I will always look at yours with pleasure !
    Hugs from Florida!

  4. this is amazing, is it the paper that gives this the amazing textural look.I have never painted on rice paper so I will go now and research it.
    I love your unique style, its beautiful.

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