Fish Project for Bloomin Artists Done!

The title is : Troubled Waters
Mixed Media on 20×24 canvas
Of course any one that knows me would know that I love to try to do something different than others. I decide not to use the base and the tree sticks, I mounted the fish and garbage onto a 20×24 canvas and used acrylic paint, I really enjoyed doing this project. It is hard to tell in the picture but the fish at the top is tangled in plastic (kind that comes on cans) and belly up. They auction these projects off also. I am not sure if anyone else will like it or get it, but that’s OK if it does not sell i will be happy to bring it home. I think it is really sad what we have done to our planet. Animals and Fish have no say they just have to live (or die) with the fallout from what we do.

6 thoughts on “Fish Project for Bloomin Artists Done!”

  1. What a strong statement…and an important one. It breaks my heart thinking about the harm we've done as a species. Thank you for making it impossible to ignore in such a creative way!

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