Fall Shadows Watercolor on Rice Paper by Krista Hasson

“Fall Shadows”  Watercolor on Rice Paper
30×30″ by Krista Hasson

This is one on my latest paintings. It is 30″ x 30″ , this is the largest I have ever worked with the rice paper. I liked working big, for some reason I found it easier to keep it simplified, I was worried it would be the opposite. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

32 thoughts on “Fall Shadows Watercolor on Rice Paper by Krista Hasson”

  1. Very nice your watercolors on rice paper,Krista, the effect is very nice, I've never tried this role, you are excellent. Congratulations

  2. Hi Krista, I'm finally getting back into finding out what the artists I like to follow are up to…been a busy summer! I am loving what you're doing with rice paper!! Do you have trouble with the paper tearing when you wet it?
    These are just beautiful.

  3. Oh my, Krista…these colors just blow me away! This is so lovely! You have me constantly in awe with your beautiful rice paper paintings…keep them coming!

  4. Another stunning painting Krista! Many thanks for including me in your past tweets, I just closed my twitter account as I was becoming overwhelmed with trying to keep up with far too many social media sites. Have a great day!

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