Cone Flower – Finished again for the second time!

OK so I looked at for about 10 minutes lol and there was something that just did not sit right. I found the background was too bright and wa competing with the flower. I added a wash of Quin red over the background to tone down the green, I also put some quin red on the petals and some on the top of the flower, I also darkened the shadows with some Ultra Blue. I will look at it some more, but I think it is done again! maybe lol

14 thoughts on “Cone Flower – Finished again for the second time!”

  1. Patricia, Billie, Sandeep, jan, Italo, Davida, Rich ant, and Lenore for your wonderful comments and for taking the time to stop by, it is a wonderful feeling to have such a positive response to something I put so much of me into. Thanks again I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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