2 Pears Watercolor Painting on Board – Finished

It took longer than I thought to finish, ran into a problem with the board, it does not like to be scrubbed and I found it hard to lift without damaging the surface. The other thing that I did not like is it bows; I will weigh down the painting under some heavy books and see if it takes it out. I will let you know. I am not completely unhappy with this for my first try, will give it another go later.

19 thoughts on “2 Pears Watercolor Painting on Board – Finished”

  1. Thank you hmuxo, gary and zonicitas you are too kind 🙂

    Gary this is done on Arches 140 # CP watercolor board made by Canson. I am using spray varnish UV by Golden and I am going to frame it without glass. I love everything about watercolor except for the framing behind glass.

    Have a great weekend everyone

  2. It did come out very nice Krista. What kind of board did you use? I have used Illustration board for years and really like the #1 by Crescent . It comes in 30"x40". or 20"x30". I can cut it down to size and love it. Dick Blick is the only place I have ever found it for sale.
    What kind of varnish do you use? Are you then framing your paintings without glass? I have done that also and even used an oil frame for them taht way.

  3. Thank you Janet, Vicki, Catherine, Jeanette, Pat, Carol, D.D Carolyn, Karen and Carl. It was a learning experience and will try using it again.
    I am going to varnish this one and see how it comes out.

  4. Really nice for a first try, Krista ! I have a sample but have never use the board before. Thanks for the comments (tips). One day I'll give it a try. Love your pears !

  5. The pears look lovely Krista. I was interested in how you like the board for watercolour. I have a couple of the boards, but haven't used them yet.

  6. Beautiful composition. Nicely captured the lights & shadows. I can understand the problems you have gone through but at the end I have to say that I like this painting.

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