Working on 3 New Paintings

This is a called Peacock Orchid but is actually in the Gladiolus family (another beauty from Kingsbrae Gardens), I am going to work on the stems next leaving the petals and shadows for last.
I find it better to work on more than one painting at a time, then when one is drying I have something else to do, if not I get tired of waiting for paintings to dry and end up touching it when I shouldn’t.

No my robin is not blue lol, this is the first layers, a few more still need to be done to get the right color.

Last but not least is my little goat, he is just too cute to resist. I took lots of pictures of these guys up at Kingsbrae Gardens (one of my favorite places). I think i have the background just about done, then I will remove the masking and start working more on the goat.

8 thoughts on “Working on 3 New Paintings”

  1. Hi Maureen, thank you for the info, I am sure your must be a wealth of information when it comes to plants. I am glad you are able to post now, thanks for the comment, I can't wait to get Dusty finished, he is just to cute, I have a weakness for animals!! (babies too!)

  2. all lovely, Krista! The peacock orchid, also known as Abyssinian gladiolus, Gladiolus callianthus or Acidanthera bicolor, are truly lovely plants. Gorgeous, delicate and wonderfully fragrant. An annual corm [bulb], not hardy in Canada, but can be lifted, like gladioli or dahlias. Dusty is coming along well, too – sweet!

  3. Thank you Barbra, Fernado and Vicki. Fernando, I find it easier to work on more than 1, if you need to wait for something to dry or you just need a break from a painting you have something else to do, rather than waste time 🙂

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