WIP Orange Iris finished!

Finally done, this one took awhile. It is a German Bearded Iris called Rave On. This is from my garden, one of those flowers I could not resist buying. I have always loved buying flowers for my garden but now I buy them with painting in mind (looking beautiful in my garden is a bonus). I am almost finished my white Peony and will be posting that soon, plus still working on my fish and sticks project.

Title: Rave On
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 11×14

17 thoughts on “WIP Orange Iris finished!”

  1. Sandeep, thank you for following my work and taking the time to comment. The color of this Iris is so saturated, when I saw it at the garden center I could not help myself I just had to have it!

  2. lovely work Krista 🙂
    that colour is stunning!!
    your blog is now listed at TAD
    Please consider adding a TAD badge/link to your blog ..thank you
    cheers Kim aka laketrees

  3. Sheila, thank you very much I am glad you like it. It took a little longer to finish than I had thought (I have been very busy). Have a great night!

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