White Peony Watercolor Painting – update 4

It is slow going with the peony, I have to work on other things as well so I started an oil landscape and I also stretched some watercolor paper onto stretcher bars and I am doing a watercolor on that as well. This peony is 16×20 as well as the oil. the watercolor stretched is only 8×10. I did not want to get into anything big trying something new. I will post pictures of the others as soon as I get caught up. Happy Painting and have an awesome weekend everyone!

10 thoughts on “White Peony Watercolor Painting – update 4”

  1. Love the progress on your peony. I just purchased a white silk peony today with the objective to paint it in watercolor. I know its not like having the real flower but we are having triple digit temperatures here in Texas. Your work has inspired me.

  2. It's looking really good Krista. My projects are coming along slowly as well (I want to spend all my time in the garden!). Can't wait to see what you come up with on the paper stretcher bars. I'm interested to know how the bars stand up the to forces of the drying paper.

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