Watercolor Painting Work in Progress WIP – Goldfinch Update 1

I decided it was time to add some color to the bird so I could get a sense of the background before finishing it. Hoping to finish the Blue Jay and most of this little guy today.

4 thoughts on “Watercolor Painting Work in Progress WIP – Goldfinch Update 1”

  1. Barbara thank you for your kind comment, you are more than welcome to show these to your students as long as you credit them to me and they are not copied by you students as they are copyrighted, I love it if you directed them to my blog 🙂 let me know how you make out, i would love to hear some feed back. Have a great night!

  2. Krista…I love your work-in-progress paintings…These would be so helpful to teachers of watercolor to show the steps involved in creating watercolors. With your permission, I may use some of these – not to copy, but to study, in my classes.

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