Watercolor Painting Work in Progress WIP – Blue Jay Update 2

Moving right along with this guy, i am not sure if you have noticed but I am starting to produce well again, I am waking up again in the middle of the night wanting to paint which is good and bad lol. I have added some more to the background, worked on the tree some and I am starting to define the Blue Jay

8 thoughts on “Watercolor Painting Work in Progress WIP – Blue Jay Update 2”

  1. Thank you Sheila, Dors, Nureeya and Barbra, glad to see I am not alone lol
    Barbra, the last few I have done are 8×10, I normally work at least 11×14 and up but I need some smaller ones for an upcoming show.

  2. Go ahead and borrow any of my ideas, I would be honored. Your blue jay is wonderful, but I always wonder what size ? oh, and yes I'll let you know about FAA ..just signed up this week.. We're only competing with about 20K artists. LOL!

  3. Reading your post and Dors's comment make me smile:)
    Me too, Krista…it couldn't help getting up for our painting in the late night indeed if our mind is still absorbed in it:)…Also I believe that soon, your Blue Jay will come out Superb definitely!!!

  4. Oh Krista ..not you too. I have trouble even getting to sleep.. some nights I lay in bed and and it's like I have pencils in hand and can get it perfect.(in the mind) cracking up laughing here.

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