Watercolor Painting of a Bowl of Cherries

I’m trying to get a few paintings finished before Art in the Park tomorrow. I am calling this one done and hopefully I will have time to finish a couple of others that I am working on. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

17 thoughts on “Watercolor Painting of a Bowl of Cherries”

  1. I have just visited your blog for the first time and I find your watercolors simply outstanding. I will visit it frequently. Those cherries are claiming to be picked! Congrats!

  2. Thank you very much Caio, martine, Carol, Barbra, Christiane, Dianna, Dors, isabel, Liz, Katherine, Lokelani, Carl, Ross and F.M Marrouch your kind comments and support mean so much, I know I have not been around a lot lately but I do go in and check on everyones wonderful blogs. I am just finishing up a couple of paintings and hopefully will have more time.
    Art in the Park was so much fun had a great time and make some money! 🙂

  3. Muy bueno, el colorido , los reflejos sobre las cerezas, me gusta mucho, enhorabuena por tu exposición son trabajos muy vistosos, seguro que tuvó mucho éxito,

  4. I want this painting in my house, to remind me that life really is a bowl of cherries. I love your composition here, with the bowl partly cut off at the edge. I wish I had that eye for composition. It's very artistic and much more pleasing to look at when it's off center like that. Good job!

  5. Super job Krista. They are so realistic I could just pluck one off the bowl.

    Good luck with the show in the park. Hope you have lots of sales.

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