Watercolor Painting of a Boat – Red Dory

This Watercolor painting is 11×16 and was a commission that I completed for a client before Christmas. It was a present for his wife, who is into photography and took the reference photo. It was one of those paintings that I really enjoyed doing.

9 thoughts on “Watercolor Painting of a Boat – Red Dory”

  1. Thank you Dors, Happy New Year to you nas well, I hope you have a wonderful and creative 2011 also 🙂
    Thank you Marci, Liz and Barbra Happy New Year to you as well Thank you for taking the time to comment it means a lot 🙂

  2. Love it. I would think that your client was thrilled.

    Great job and love the timber.

    Happy New Year. Hope you have a wonderful creative year.

  3. Krista, Happy New Year, I see your still doing wonderful paintings. Like the boat painting and its always nice to be working on something that has a meaning to it.. whether for yourself or someone else.

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