St. George Gorge on Rice Paper in Watercolor – For the RNS Artshow

St. George Gorge, Watercolor on Rice Paper 14×11″. This is going to a local sale and fundraiser at RNS. This is a beautiful spot in St. George NB. I got so many wonderful pictures that day. Hope everyone is having a fantastic day.

13 thoughts on “St. George Gorge on Rice Paper in Watercolor – For the RNS Artshow”

  1. This has a wonderful blend of colours and textures – it also has a feel of cubism about it, Kirsta, I'm not sure if that was your intention, nevertheless, those geometric shapes reinforce the ruggedness of the landscape … at least they do for me :0))

    Just love it!

  2. Thank you Martinealison, Manuel, Diana, hmuxo, Alina, Carl, Jeannette ( you are too kind. dont be afraid just let yourself go : )
    Thank you anonymous

  3. These watercolors on rice paper are beautiful. I've been away from your blog and today looked at your progression with rice paper and water color. I am a new painter, but found that I love what paint does when applied to tissue and lace papers. I was so self-judging when I worked in traditional media that I stopped myself. Now, I am becoming looser and more willing to experiment and allow my right brain to play.

    You started from the position of an already superb artist and I am learning more as you allow us to peek into your world. Thank you, as always, for posting your process.

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