Purple Clematis Flowers – Watercolor Painting Work in Progress

I currently have 4 watercolors and 1 Acrylic on the go. I will post each one until completed before I post the others. This is 16×20 and I started this on Tuesday along with 2 other new ones. (acrylic and Peony have been ongoing) I actually have been making more progress with the white peony and will post it as soon as it is complete. These purple clematis grow up my light post at the end of my driveway, I love the movement and turns of these flowers. definitely one of my favourites. I will post an update soon as I have done more on this. I seem to be having a time problem lately .. I can’t seem to find enough to do everything that I want lol  These flowers are being painted for a solo show I have coming up in the spring. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

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