Pee Wee the Elephant – Watercolor Painting Finished!

I also finished Pee Wee this morning, he is 8×8“ and is also done on the Canson Artboard, each painting I do on the board gets easier , it was a little tricky at first but it actually works well with the way I paint. Pee Wee is starring in my next painting also, it is a still life with some fruit, a bowl and of course Pee Wee, I will post some picture after.  i think the thing I like about Pee Wee is his texture, he is solid brass and very old and corroded, it is this rusted marred surface that drew me to him.

8 thoughts on “Pee Wee the Elephant – Watercolor Painting Finished!”

  1. Thank you Carol, Christiane, Dors, Terry, Liz, Pat and Joan. I loved the texture of this little guy. I am really enjoying doing the still life since I set up a shadow box in my studio, what a difference it makes getting a good contrast with light and shadow.

  2. Congratulations, Krista. Pee Wee is beautifully painted. I like your background with its nice play of light and shadows. The textures of Pee Wee's body are very well done. And Pee Wee has a lovely smile:-)
    I am pleased to see that you like the Canson Board – I have two of them with Arches CP and was hesitant to try them, but loved the idea of having the paper already on a rigid support and ready for varnishing.
    Have a nice evening!

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