Night Photography – The Pulp Mill

Painting and creating art will always be my first love, but a close second is photography. I have never posted any of my photos on my blog. I was looking for a good reference to paint and I came across one of my favorite pictures so I thought I would share it. This is the Pulp Mill in Saint John shot at night. i am still working on my 2 paintings and planning my next ones, I will post some progress soon! Have a great night 🙂

19 thoughts on “Night Photography – The Pulp Mill”

  1. Wow! Who would have thought a pulp mill could look this good!?!!! I grew up in a mill town (Thunder Bay) and never thought of the mill as anything but 'progress', as my Grandfather put it. Such a great image!!

  2. I love driving through St John on our annual trip to Nova Scotia. I really like the white smoke coming from the chimneys of this pulp mill. You actually get a distant glimpse of it way off to the right sometime before you actually get to St John.
    Love it!!

  3. Thank you very much; Dors, Gwen, Davida, Caio (My first love is painting also!), Carl (it is amazing what shows up sometimes),Anonymous, Kat, Lokelani, Glen, Sam and F.M (the pollution is the unfortunate part)

  4. Helo Krista, very nice photo, despite the high air pollution these industrial themes are good subjects for artwork, I really like your latest work, congratulations.

  5. Wonderful! I love what the camera finds at night and in the dark corners when we leave the shutter ipen long enough to find these things.

  6. Krista this is beautiful … wow .
    i don't know if you have this same feeling that i have . i like to paint . doen't matter how many photos i make , painting will be always my work , only one . photography is a …. lets say , good hobby .
    this one is incredible , you could post your photos more times .
    see you !!

  7. This pretty gorgeous! There is an oil cracking plant in Joliet, IL right on the Des Plaines river that glows in a very similar way at night. I am always impressed by how beautiful it is at night.

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