Nature’s Sunshine – Watercolor Painting on Rice Paper

Watercolor on Rice paper
Nature’s Sunshine by Krista Hasson

This watercolor painting was done with 3 colors, a cool yellow, a warm yellow and a green. This painting is part of my show at the Imperial in Saint John and it is sold! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter weekend.

18 thoughts on “Nature’s Sunshine – Watercolor Painting on Rice Paper”

  1. Thank you Laurie, it is 8×10. you can get rice paper in many different forms, sheets, pads or rolls, making it possible to do larger works. The texture in the piece is a bit of my technique and a bit of the texture in the paper. : )

  2. its lovely, I was wondering how big this is, how big do they sell rice paper sheets, this is beautiful, I have never painted on rice paper, is it the texture of the papewr that makesit have the unique look or is that your skilled brush,

  3. Wow! I just love your work, Krista. Just chanced by from a visit to Kathryn's, 'Studio at the Farm.'

    If I were a painter, and I'm not, I would spend my time trying to imitate your style of 'work' :0)

    So I've become a follower, hope you don't mind, at least I can watch.

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