Latest Watercolor Painting – White Lily with pink

This is my latest one finished, I am still working on a few more. Hopefully I can get them finished up soon. I have been very busy and will try to catch up with my favorite blogs in the next couple of days, hope everyone has a wonderful creative day! : )

15 thoughts on “Latest Watercolor Painting – White Lily with pink”

  1. lovely lily Krista, I love these flowers, and plant little clumps of them whenever I can. They grow remarably easy here, and you've painted this one beautifully…

  2. Just Wonderful. Wish my watercolors would turn out like that. I tend to keep working too much and get the flower paintings muddy. You on the other hand got it just right.

  3. Hi Krista,
    I have never been disappointed by your works at all, this white lily is very sweet as like a real lily!!!Beautifully painted!!!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and signing in my member too.You're kind to me;
    I wish you have a happy day too!

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