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Impressionistic Oil Paintings week 2
Impressionistic Oil Paintings with Glowing Color - Learning New Techniques

As an artist I love to try new materials and new techniques, even if I don’t end up using them I still learn. I love seeing how other artists that inspire me paint and create. I love Dreama Tolle-Perry’s Impressionistic Oil Paintings ( #lovedreampaint ). I always thought that some day I would like to take a workshop from her but they always sold out quickly. She recently started teaching courses online. I could not resist, I signed up in Sept 2016. I enjoyed her format and all the love and effort that clearly went into her classes. You can tell it gives her joy to paint and she loves passing that along through her teaching and writing. Her class was worth every penny 🙂 Below are the paintings I created in her workshop. You can learn more about Dreama here: http://dreamatolleperry.com/

Impressionistic Oil Paintings week 3
Impressionistic Oil Paintings week 4
Impressionistic Oil Paintings week 5
Impressionistic Oil Paintings week 6