Garden Staple – Watercolor Cone Flowers on Rice Paper Painting

This is another on that I recently  finished,  it is 12×15″. Cone flowers are one of my favourite flowers. Hope you like it!

11 thoughts on “Garden Staple – Watercolor Cone Flowers on Rice Paper Painting”

  1. Love your indigo crinkled backgrounds! Amazing!!! I want to try it!! I would love to take your workshop, but Oregon is too far away…. =O( Do you have an instruction sheet? Thanks. cnnwllatgmaildotcom

  2. I paint general washes. I have always glazed as a watercolor painter and I find this method comes natural to me as I understand my colors and their limitations. I used to trace it with a marker but I did not like when you could see the ink in some areas and not others.

  3. I use only 1 paint brush for the wax it is about a size 8. I am currently teaching watercolor. I will probably teach a workshop sometime in the future.

  4. Very nice
    do you alternate with wax and watercolor and paint specific areas or general washes? also do you first draw your composition with an y marker pen?

  5. I just love your watercolor batik work! Do you use special tools to create the finer details with wax? Are you planning any workshops for this painting style?

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