Fuchsia Day Lily Watercolor Painting Finished!

I finished this today, I have been busy working on some more pen and ink :). I will post them when they are done. I am still in the planning stages for my next paintings so the pen & ink are a good filler. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

16 thoughts on “Fuchsia Day Lily Watercolor Painting Finished!”

  1. Thank you, Rich Ant, Nureeya, Hans, Christiane, Caio, Manon, F.M. Marrouch, Lori, Grahame (it is 11×14), yati(welcome), Carl, r garriott, and Doris.
    Thank you everyone for the wonderful words and for taking the time to look at my work.

  2. Hi Krista, saw your painting in the IA Magazine. Congratulations! Well deserved. Your colours are rich and I reall ylike your lily paintings. Keep up the beautiful work.

  3. Hi, I've stumbled into your blog and felt impressed by your works! Love to share the same passion thru this virtual world even though we're miles apart and from different races and beliefs.. Keep it up, Krista.


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