OK so I was not even going to post this but i thought hey maybe I can get some good feedback on acrylics. I have never used acrylics or oils i am wondering what every ones take is on them, can you achieve that soft blended look you can with oils?

This is my first painting with acrylic, I found them very different from watercolor, it was not too bad of an experience but is was not easy (bad photo also, any tips on photographing acrylics let me know). Of course the fact that I followed a demo by Lorraine Vatcher helped a lot you can find her demo here: http://www.artinstructionblog.com/learn-acrylic-painting-painting-demo-by-lorraine-vatcher

If anyone has some useful tips for me please feel free to fill me in, I can use all the help I can get lol.
I am still painting with watercolor, I am working on 2 lilies right now, one for an article and the other for a competition so as of right now I can not share the step by steps, I will post them as soon as I can. Thanks 🙂