Cover Story!

I did an interview last week for our local KV Style paper when I went to pick it up I was thrilled to see that I was the cover story. If you would like to read the article click the following link:

12 thoughts on “Cover Story!”

  1. Those kinds of happenings are important a;nd really cool. Sure helps with the public and our own self worth. Congratulations and well deserved.
    Now get to

  2. Krista, I just finished reading your interview and congratulations on that, your upcoming show and your wonderful works. I wish I were there to see all of it in person.

  3. Congratulations Krista. I wish you luck with your show. and what a great article in the KV style. and cover story too … so exciting. I am so happy for you.
    Well done.

  4. How very exciting! I had my art on the front page of the North Island newspaper a couple of months ago…big surprise! Getting some recognition is the icing on the very delicious cake of creation! Congratulations.

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