Commission – Watercolor Painting of Stella the Pug Update 2

I added more color in the dark areas, and am starting to develop the contours of this little cutie, hopefully I will be able to post more later today. I am in the process of working on some roses also and I am drawing out some more paintings to start, I find the planning and drawing the most time consuming and hardest part.

5 thoughts on “Commission – Watercolor Painting of Stella the Pug Update 2”

  1. Your animals look like friends; means, they offer us their honest soul… Ah, and the plants are phenomenal too and your portrait also; I have to stop, otherwise its growing unbelievable, Krista.

  2. your style is very courious for me !
    the way you construct the image is very calm and secure ( my oposite ) . so i feel good feelings watching your progress on the works you post …
    it is i wass learning to breath between brushies !!
    a real lesson !!
    thank you Krista !!

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