Coco the Black Pug – Watercolor Painting Commission WIP – Update 4

I am still working away on Coco, it is amazing how many layers it takes to get the depth that is needed. She is coming along well and will be done soon 🙂

10 thoughts on “Coco the Black Pug – Watercolor Painting Commission WIP – Update 4”

  1. Thank you Carol, Christiane, Jeanette and Martine. It is funny because I never feel like I was a person with a lot of patience (especially with other mediums) but when I really keep track of how many layers I use to get the results I am after in watercolor I am always shocked at how much was put into the painting and I wonder where I got the patience to do it (but at that point it is done)lol. But I love it! 🙂

  2. Coco is so cute! I really like how you have the light coming from the right hand side of the painting while the left hand side is a lot more in shadows. This really makes Coco's eye/expression be the focus of the painting. So very well done…

  3. This is wonderful. I love the perpetually perplexed expressions that pugs seem to have.

    Building layers slowly get the depth you need and you're doing so beautifully. This will be a stunning portrait.

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