Cardinal Watercolor Painting – Finished for the 2nd Time!

I decided not only was the picture bad (poor lighting) but the background was way too warm. I put a glaze of FUB on most of the background and a little more red on the Cardinal, I find this works much better. It is funny how if you go away from a painting and then look at it again you see something completely different. What do you think, does this background work better? thanks for looking

8 thoughts on “Cardinal Watercolor Painting – Finished for the 2nd Time!”

  1. yes Krista , I like this better, not that I could see anything wrong with the first background. As to the birds nest? I'd already painted it (first) it was so dead looking that I decided to do a pencil of it instead, I wanted to work on all those little details that I like to get hung up on.

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