Blue Otis the Japanese Dog Watercolor Painting – Finished!

Just Finished Otis this morning, he is relieved 🙂 He was getting tired of sitting. Now I just have to sign it and put on some varnish. I am finding the board was easier to use this time (as with everything you do, practice makes perfect) Hope everyone has a wonderful and creative day! Thanks for looking

13 thoughts on “Blue Otis the Japanese Dog Watercolor Painting – Finished!”

  1. I usually use my garage, it has a propane heater, but my husband is using it right now 🙂 Ideally you would want to spray these outside… can't wait for warm weather !

  2. Thank you, Krista, especially for the tip regarding the glasses! As for the warm environment required, if this means outside, you may still have to wait a fair while if you are experiencing weather similar to ours…it will be about minus 22C. Brr….

  3. Thank you Sheila, pat, sam, Christiane, John, martinealison and Manon. This little guy is 8×8" on board.

    I actually set up a shadow box a while back and my last few paintings have come from my new box, I have to say I really find a huge difference with the light and contrast.

    Christiane I will try to post a step by step of when I varnish this. It will have to wait a bit though as the UVLS Spray I use has to be used in a warm well ventilated space. I am new to varnishing but have read a lot about it and I think the best advice I read was to make sure you do not wear your glasses when you do it, the spray is very fine and will ruin them. 🙂

  4. Fabulous! What an expression. The rest of the painting is beautifully executed without taking your attention away. Marvellous!

  5. Krista, Otis is not only relieved, he is quite proud of the beautiful way he looks. Congratulations! This is a great piece!
    Can you share some tips for varnishing watercolors – I intend to try it on some of my earlier pieces since I really want to have pieces without glass and I am not quite ready to move on to acrylics:-)

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