A Light Yellow Lily Watercolor Painting Finished!

Watercolor 11×14″

Finally! I am so glad to have finished this today, it just seemed to take forever. I am taking this one and the peony bud off to the framer today, these are the last 2 to be framed for my show.

17 thoughts on “A Light Yellow Lily Watercolor Painting Finished!”

  1. Your watercolors are so awesome. I am a painter too, but don't do as much watercolor as I should. Makes me want to paint!!!

  2. How this is really awesome. I love everything especially the flowers. Thanks so much for sharing your art with the community, and I am glad I found this blog!!!!

  3. Thank you so much, Marie, Tampster, Dors, Christiane, Vicki, Gerald, mollie, martine, sam, Sandeep, John, and Davida (I know what you mean I have not been able to blog much lately) I hope you all have a wonderful and creative day!

  4. Your flower paintings get better and better! I haven't been blogging much lately. I have been so busy with teaching among other things. Now I will be able to pay a little more attention to my blog and the art blogger community. Keep the great work coming!

  5. Amazing! What a timely discovery your site is. I am keen to try some flowers but know my blending leaves much to be desired. I need to start working in layers more. I also enjoy Pen and watercolour so your site is a fantastic find. Great work.

  6. Beautiful work Krista. You do such a great job of the lilies.
    I have been away for 10 days and wow you have done so much work.
    Lots for me to catch up on.

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