A couple more Ink and Watercolor

A couple more ink with watercolor that I did the other day. Sorry for the lack of posts I have a lot to catch up on, hoping to catch up this weekend. Thanks for stopping in hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! 🙂

8 thoughts on “A couple more Ink and Watercolor”

  1. magnificas tus flores ,dan laa impresion de que perfuman gracias por compartir Addy, Patagonia Argentina

  2. Krista these are really lovely, specially love the Bleeding Heart…..I am doing a course of Watercolours & ink at the moment and am totally hooked on it….

  3. Thank you Werner, Carl and Diana.
    Diana, I use 140 or 200 lb Cold pressed watercolor paper with a pen and ink, I have not noticed the bump along thing but the paper I use does not have a lot of texture of tooth (I use Saunders Waterford)I use a pen with nibs that are dipped into the ink (I don't know if the style or size of the nib makes a difference)hope this helps 🙂

  4. I love your ink and watercolor, too. I seem to always have a problem when I ink on the watercolor paper. My pen tends to bump along. Do you use anything special?

  5. These are beautiful. I am glad being busy is what affected your ability to post and there was nothing wrong. I have the same problem… When things get hectic the blog is the first thing that gets neglected.


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