2nd Chickadee that I am Working on in Acrylic

Here is the other Chickadee painting in Acrylic that I am also working on right now, as you can see the conditions were not ideal to take a picture of it today. I am working on 2 so I will not get bored waiting for one to dry. I am not sure how I feel about Acrylic yet, i have to see if I can make it do what I want. maybe I will try a flower next with acrylics. I might also paint these little guys in watercolor to compare with the acrylics. Thanks for looking 🙂

6 thoughts on “2nd Chickadee that I am Working on in Acrylic”

  1. Thank you Christiane (I am painting on stretched canvas but would like to try a smoother board)
    Thank you Dors 🙂 (for the email too)
    Thank you Carol, I also bought some water mixable oils but have not really had a chance to use them 🙂 Someday! Have a great weekend everyone

  2. Krista, this is looking very good so far. Are you painting on canvas, paper or hardboard? I recently tried oil painting on canvas, and I was not thrilled with the sensation; I ordered some Ampersand board, and liked that a bit more.I found the drying time of oils very frustrating…not sure if I will give it another try.
    I am really looking forward to seeing the finished piece and how you like the acrylics.

  3. I've been painting mostly acrylics all along and added watercolor as it is a medium I've always wanted to learn. I love the quick-drying aspect of them both. Tried oils and couldn't wait for them to dry, or couldn't stand the strong odor of the paint. I bought Alkyds but never really went back and gave them a fair try. Maybe someday.
    I love how your chickadee is coming out……

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