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I am posting day 10 and 11 together in hopes of catching up 🙂  I would have been up to date on my painting if I hadn’t scraped all of the paint off of my painting last night. It was just not working, sometimes you just have to walk away lol.

So why am I am behind a day in painting and 2 for posting? Well we have adopted a new cat (Charlie) and he is not fitting, he is a bit of a bully with my other cat and dog. He is the sweetest cat with people.

Morning Glory 2 oil by Krista Hasson

Day 11 – Morning Glory #2  6×6″ oil $100.00

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Sunflower 7 oil painting by Krista Hasson

Day 11- Sunflower #7 6×6″ oil $100.00

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Charlie my new studio cat











Meet Charlie! Look at that face! A little angel (when he is asleep lol) I sure hope he starts to be more tolerant of sweet Theo my other cat. If anyone has any advice on how to make him stop attacking Theo I would love to hear it :). I have read everything I can find online and have not found anything that is making the situation better :(.

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Thank you for sharing your time with me it is greatly appreciated.
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