A Canada Goose is on my Easel Update #2

Canada Goose painting update 2 oil by Krista Hasson

Canada Goose update 2. Wow! It has been quite awhile since I worked on this painting of the Canada Goose (since April actually). Now that I have some time again I will try to finish it up quickly. It is funny how when you put something away and then you look at it, it looks different than you remember. I decided I wanted the background to be darker so I adjusted that and I am going to add some lighter reeds and water reflections still. The last thing I will do is the head and beak. So stay tuned for the next update … it should be the last 🙂

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I hope you are enjoying the updates on my progress. Thank you for stopping in, I am grateful for your support.  Have an awesome weekend!


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